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Start Thunderbird and go to the address book.

Create as many address books as you had in the damaged profile, and give them names like "AB1", "AB2", Now exit Thunderbird, and go to the new profile folder. You will see files with names like "abook Copy the saved ".

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For each ". If there isn't, rename the old file, giving it the name of a new file which is not used yet.

Currently in Address Book Method:

Start Thunderbird again, and go to the address book. If all is well, the newly created address books are filled with the contents of the old ones.

How to import and export your address book in Thunderbird |

You can now change the names "AB1", "AB2", It is recommended that you regularly make backups of all your Thunderbird application data, including mail files, address books, and account settings, so that you can restore your complete profile s if it becomes necessary. In addition, you may want to occasionally make separate backups of all your address books by exporting them as LDIF files.

That way, if your address books ever happen to become corrupted, you will still have a separate backup that you can import into any Thunderbird profile. Categories : Address Book Thunderbird Profiles. This page was last modified , 6 March Powered by the Parse. I switched from Apple's Mail. I next went to Apple's Address Book and looked for an export option, and found I could only export one card at a time. So I did the only logical thing a programmer would do -- I created an AppleScript that would create a CSV file of all my contacts in the order that Thunderbird was looking for.

The code will not win any beauty pageants, but it gets the job done.

The applescript can be found on my AppleScript Page. This script uses Address Book and Text Edit; when it's done, just save the new text edit document as filename. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Thunderbird doesn't handle vCard files? That seems strange. Other things it does that Mail doesn't: support for newsgroups; RSS; and saved search folders. If it integrated or just synched with the Address Book, I'd use it on my Mac. Maybe an easier idea Authored by: aboswell on Sep 07, '04 PM. Then you might want to use an LDAP server, and point all of your email clients at it.

A better idea I'm appending this comment so hopefully people who are looking to find a way to export their Apple Address Book contacts to GMail's CSV based contacts database, will find this as their top search! Thanks for the scripts.


That script is great - many thanks. The only issue I had was that some of my entries had line breaks in them which get passed through to the final CSV file. I get the same error Ryan [ Reply to This ]. Update, I have put this code up That was fantastic, nothing else worked but that for me - thanku [ Reply to This ]. Now all we need is a Address Book client There seems to be a patch for Thunderbird to work with the apple address book.

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This project is largely community driven and open to suggestions and comments. So, whenever a user saves contacts in the Personal address book, the contact gets added to abook. By exporting abook. All these collected addresses get saved at history. It contains information about all the contacts that have been collected by the email application.

How to Export Contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird

Thus, while accessing impab. In case you wish to browse the actual location of MAB files for Thunderbird profile on your system, they can be located at:. Profile name? So, whenever a users opens the file by simply clicking it, the system does not allow to display Address Book details as such. So, this repeated issue in accessing Thunderbird MAB file creates trouble for the users, who start looking for solution to access Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book file.