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Use Split View With Two Safari Windows

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Anonymous form close x. In iPadOS , Apple's Split View and Slide Over multitasking features allow you to use one app alongside another app, or view two documents at the same time in the one app. You can even open a link in another window without navigating away from the original page.

Mac OS X El Capitan Split Screen Tutorial

Here's how it works. Hold your iPad in landscape orientation. Launch Safari and find a webpage link that you want to open in a separate window. Touch and hold the link so that it pops out of the page, indicating it's selected.

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Now, drag the link to the edge of the screen, and either let go before it hits the edge to activate Slide Over , or drag it right to the edge to activate Split View mode. Note that you can also touch and hold a link to invoke a contextual menu which includes the option to Open in New Window. MacBook Pro Fall ? Possible high-end inch model. See Full Product Calendar. Do not tap the green button, because this puts the window into fullscreen mode instead. This window should automatically shift to cover the other side of your screen, completing the Split View experience.

Where are you?

You can tap either window to switch focus back and forth as needed. Instead, you can choose which window gets more screen time. Click and hold that bar, and you can move it right or left to give either window more real estate. If you realize you prefer the windows on different sides, then click and hold one window, and drag it over to the opposite side.

The windows will automatically switch places. Finally, if the windows are too small for you, you can adjust your resolution to help improve matters. This will return both windows to their original state and allow you to resume what you were doing before you started using Split View.

How to use Split View in Safari in iOS 10

Mission Control can help. Alternatively, Apple keyboards typically come with an F3 Mission Control button. Mission Control can also help you switch to split view when you are in a full-window app. Just activate Mission Control and then drag your app window on top of another window or app icon.

Mac: How to use split screen - 9to5Mac

This should immediately activate split screen. There are alternatives for creating a split screen: One of our favorites is the Mac app Cinch. It creates hot zones on the four corners of your Mac screen and two hot zones on the right and left sides. If you drag it into a corner, it will automatically snap to one-quarter size of your screen. If you drag the window to the side of your Mac, it will snap to half the screen.

The VideoProc Rescue

Some users may find this easier and more intuitive or more useful for viewing multiple windows at once. Download it from the official site, or straight from the App Store. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations How to split your screen in Windows 10 What is live view?

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4 Ways To Manage Split Screens On A Mac

Computing Windows 10 can split and resize windows with ease. Here's how to do it The window management features of Windows 10 can be particularly helpful for those who frequently multitask. Here's how to split your screen according to your workflow needs by using Snap Assist and other native tools.