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Load music files directly from CD. Recorder supports autotrim and voice activated recording. Music editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, autotrim and more. Music restoration features including noise reduction and click pop removal. Special effects include reduce vocals, distortion, chorus and more.

Set bookmarks along multiple files as you work.

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  • 1. Audacity.

Supports sample rates from to Hz, stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits. Airo keeps you out of trouble, crushing every malicious threat out there. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Multimedia Wavepad Audio Editor for Mac A tool for altering audio tracks Wavepad Audio Editor for Mac is a tool that allows you to change and alter your audio tracks, and it allows you to add effects and trim your tracks.

Otherwise, you may only save your files to be used with this app and nothing else. View full description. PROS Snip and trim your audio tracks quickly Add silence or lower the volume in sections Allows for precise slicing and splicing Add echos and amplification effects.

CONS It is in serious need of a detailed manual Cannot save unless you pay a large fee The plugins are already very dated and near useless Many buttons seem to do nothing. Softonic review Advertisement. Wavepad Audio Editor for Mac is a tool that allows you to change and alter your audio tracks, and it allows you to add effects and trim your tracks.

Soundflower Allow different applications to access your soundcard. VLC media player Simply the best multi-format media player. Adobe Flash Player Essential web browser plugin for multimedia content. A colourful and sleek UI, multi-track support and even a mixer! This one is perfect for Linux users. It has some great reviews though. But this is just one small part of the process.

I know I did. I wasted years focusing on the wrong things.

Editors' Review

Inside this new free training , I share the secret to making radio-ready music at home. After I stumbled upon this new approach, I knew exactly where to spend my time and energy. I was no longer confused and overwhelmed by the recording and mixing process. It would have saved me at least 7 years. One of my students — his name is Patrick — was pretty new to home recording when he came to me for help.

I shared this idea with him and he went from his first ever home recording to high-quality, professional mixes in just 2 and a half months. So go and check it out now. Audio professional, musician and founder of Musician on a Mission. View all posts by this author. Thanks for Sharing This Article.

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Part 2: Recommend the Best MP3 Editor - Filmora Video Editor

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Rob I am very much delighted with this post. Audio mp3 cutter which you have suggested for android, since many time I was searching for suitable and fast app. Your this post has helped a lot.

Top 4 Solutions to Trim MP3 on Mac with Ease

I am highly grateful to you. Wavepad is an NCH product. NCH will load trojans that are extremely annoying. They are so bad that some Anti-virus programs like Avast will identify them as malware and block their operation. You will have a learning curve getting rid of the leftover trojans. One annoying feature is it hijacks your default opening applications for things like photos, even tho you arent using the NCH product. NCH are unethical and a real pain. Not recommended. Spot on with that comment. Tbh, I was surprised to see them listed here.

As a broadcaster and website operator use Sound Forge. Totally agreed, Luke!

13 of the Best FREE Audio Editors in 12222

As far as Wavosaur is concerned, the information given here is not correct. What would be the easiest, and fastest operating user interface for this option? I still use older free copies of those, they work just fine in Windows 7 x Sound Forge beats them all in logical thinking, and it makes the work so much more pleasant to do. Even Audacity does really bad in that area. You need lots of RAM for that to run smoothly.

I tried to find free equals to SoundForge, but I have yet to bump into one. I luckily still have a registered copy from way back when it was cheaper. Its price-tag now is just bordering on insanity. Ever since they sold it to SONY, it has gone downhill in many ways, especially in their pricing. There is an Android app called dWave Studio that is very very good. I have been using the beta for months now and am extremely pleased with it. Sound Forge is also my choice for all the reasons you stated.